Cheetah II

Length 87"-91.25"
Width (chute down) 73.5"
Width (chute in transport position) 62.75"
Height (ROPS folded) 49.5"
Height (ROPS up) 67"
Weight 1,364-1,392 lb

Length 91"-97.5"
Width (chute down) 83"
Width (chute in transport position) 73"
Height (ROPS folded) 49.5"
Height (ROPS up) 67"
Weight 1,399-1,427 lb

Total Fuel Capacity 13 gallons
Drive Tires 24" x 12"-12"
Caster Tires 13" x 6.5"-6"
Seat 4-point iso-mounted mid-back mounted on operator-suspension platform

Drive System Type Hydro-Gear ZT5400 Transaxle. Two-Speed
Pumps Internal Pump: 16 cc
Motors Internal Motor: 21 cc
Forward Ground Speed 16 mph (high-speed) 12 mph (low-speed)
Parking Brake Foot-operated pedal

Reverse Ground Speed 8 mph (high-speed) 5 mph (low-speed)

Cutting Widths 61" and 72"
Type Velocity Plus™
Cutting Height 1.25" to 5" in .25" increments
Deck Lift Adjustable foot-operated pedal
Construction Tri-plate cutter deck constructed of 3 steel plates totaling nearly 1/2" of steel. Reinforcement plates at cutter deck spindles.
Spindles Cast-iron housing with tapered roller bearings.
Blade Engagement Ogura GT5 (350 ft lb) Adjustable air-gap for extended life.
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  • Strength — Scag’s tough cutter-blade spindles and Tri-Plate construction ensure solid performance and long life. A replaceable trim-side wear pad protects deck from damage.
  • Productivity — An extra-large discharge opening, paired with the Turbo Baffle, enhances discharge for even clipping dispersal.
  • Flexibility — The Velocity Plus cuts everything from fine grasses to tough weeds. The Custom-Cut™ Front Baffle System allows you to customize the deck to your individual conditions for even more productivity and higher performance.

  • Custom-Cut Baffle System allows you to customize the cutter deck baffling to your specific conditions.

  • The industry's best spindle, period. Includes tapered roller bearings, a 1 1/8" hardened shaft and so much more.

  • Super-rigid Tri-Plate deck construction results in a nearly 1/2" thick (0.485") steel cutter deck top (most zero-turn rider models).

  • Special front baffle chamber allows the grass to be lifted up before the blade cuts it. No stragglers.

  • Replaceable trim-side wear pad protects the deck and landscaping from scraping and impact damage.

  • Up to nine (9) anti-scalp rollers in seven (7) different, strategic locations around the cutter deck provide maximum turf protection.

  • Split-steel pulleys are stronger than cast or stamped pulleys. They are lighter weight than cast pulleys and are balanced for reduced deck-drive-system wear and vibration. No plastic pulleys here. Some [other brands] actually use plastic pulleys on their mowers. Not Scag. All Scag pulleys are made from metal. Plastic is for toys.

  • We are so confident in the strength of this cutter deck, we stand behind it with a 3-year, "no crack" warranty. Some models feature an additional steel reinforcement welded to the inside-front edge of the cutter deck. This helps prevent damage from impacts, etc.

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